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I’m a BSN in Brazil and,although I have lived and studied my entire life here,I’m an American Citizen and speak fluent English.I’m interested in taking the CGFNS to work in the USA.Do I need to take the TOEFL first?

Because you have completed your education in Brazil, you will need the TOEFL. However, you can take the TOEFL after you have completed your CGFNS exams. You can also skip the CGFNS, if your state allows and just take NCLEX®, as you are in the US now. You can check out your state nursing board and their requirements for foreign educated nurses. If you wish to get your RN in state like California or Arizona, you will not need to take the CGFNS exam, which is a predictor test for NCLEX®. You can just apply for NCLEX®…through that state.


bsn i am from cuba i recently passed the florida board and got my license in usa, what can i do to get my bsn from cuba recognized here, i studied there for 5 years, nursing licenciate, thats the equivalent to a bsn in the states, thanks

If you had a review by Florida or by the CGFNS of your nursing education, then you are set…no problem. The recognition of the BSN from Cuba will only be a problem academically. For example, if you want to persue a Masters Degree here in USA, you will have some credentialing procedures with the particular USA university. Otherwise, as far as I am concerned, it is equivalent. So the question, is….who do you want to consider it equivalent? Employers or schools?


Requirement to qualify Are you accepting non-cgfns passers? If yes? what are the necessary requirements? We would like to know which states do not require cgfns.Please inform me of future hiring of no-cgfns passers.Thank you!

California and Arizona are examples on states that do not have a requirement of foreign educated nurses to demonstrate passing score of 400 or better on the CGFNS.


nurse without experience i’m a registered nurse in the Philippines and graduated last 1994 but i never worked as a nurse due to economic reason,I worked in an office instead. What is my chance of working in the US? I am willing to work even as a nurse assistant.

You need to have more experience than an office nurse. You should consider going back to hospital nursing, otherwise you do not have much chance of being selected for sponsorship by US employers who are seeking nurses in the Philippines.



That may be tough. You probably cannot do this in 6 months.