Hello world! / I’m a BSN in Brazil and,although I have lived and studied my entire life here,I’m an American Citizen and speak fluent English.I’m interested in taking the CGFNS to work in the USA.Do I need to take the TOEFL first?

Because you have completed your education in Brazil, you will need the TOEFL. However, you can take the TOEFL after you have completed your CGFNS exams. You can also skip the CGFNS, if your state allows and just take NCLEX®, as you are in the US now. You can check out your state nursing board and their requirements for foreign educated nurses. If you wish to get your RN in state like California or Arizona, you will not need to take the CGFNS exam, which is a predictor test for NCLEX®. You can just apply for NCLEX®…through that state.

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